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Replenish your glycogen stores after strength workouts

  • I had good weight gains when I was on this
  • Price wise it’s quite cheap
  • I would stack it with my beverages, ideal for those who are clean bulking

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Universal Nutrition Carb Max Replenish Glycogen & Electrolytes

Editor’s Review

Athletes and bodybuilders have a routine that is replete with workouts, training sessions and high energy exercises all of which require them to be fit, and possess a healthy body. They also constantly need to replenish the body with essential elements, especially electrolytes and carbohydrates which provide energy to the body. And the diet alone does not suffice for these essential elements; an additional dietary supplement is what the body needs, to replenish it with the much-needed nutrients.

The Product

Carb Max Replenish Glycogen & Electrolytes from Universal Nutrition is just the answer to the dietary needs of the body pre or post workout. Universal Nutrition has been in the nutritional supplements and products field since 1977, and is a recognized and trusted name, especially for elite weightlifters and dedicated athletes. Universal Nutrition has spread its wings over the years, and its products are available in 90 countries. Their new line of products is a bit among those undergoing strength training and requiring energy boost for resistance training. Carb Max is one such product that replenishes the body with carbohydrates, as it is a blend of sustained release, high quality, and fast carbs waxy maize, pea starch, d-glucose, and maltodextrin. A steady flow of carbohydrate-containing glucose enters the bloodstream steadily to maintain an anabolic state, and this is achieved by the dual action of low molecular weight and high molecular weight carbohydrates. Additionally, Carb Max has electrolytes and also aids in maintaining muscle glycogen. The ingredients also include sodium chloride, citric acid, calcium carbonate, potassium sulphate, sucralose, magnesium oxide, and acesulfame potassium.

The Value and directions of use

A jar of Carb Max Replenish Glycogen and Electrolytes contains approximately 30 servings for 632 gms or 1.39 lbs of the powder. The expiry date of the jar is June 2021. The powder is flavorless, and the suggested direction of use is to take around 12 Oz of liquid, or beverage of choice, and mix one scoop of the powder with it. Best results are seen after having one serving pre, and one post the training session.


Carb Max is highly effective in decreasing catabolism of the muscles, and in enhancing the liver as well as muscle glycogen resynthesis, and even promotes faster recovery post training.

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