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A tasteless carb source for fuel and calories

  • The supplement comes in tiny granules form and isn’t as sticky as other carbs supps I’ve used when comes in contact with wet fingers.
  • You can notice immediate energy difference when putting such carbs into your shake.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus

Editor’s Review

Not many people consider taking a carbohydrate supplement because the macronutrient is the most readily available today. But if you are serious about adding more mass to your frame, it is a thought that you must entertain. It is suggested that you only take complex carbohydrate, and this recommendation extends to cover your carb supplements as well.

Universal Carbo Plus is a high-energy complex carbohydrate supplement that provides you with natural, cholesterol free carbs for boosting your energy levels. It supports muscular endurance and increases performance by providing a consistent supply of glucose into your blood stream to meet your energy demands.

Universal Carbo Plus is formulated with only complex carbohydrate ingredients such as maltodextrin. These are slow-digesting to forestall any burst releases of glucose into your system that might cause an insulin spike.


Carbo Plus is really affordable. Given the high availability of ingredients used in its formulation, you can get the 2.2lb tub for less than $10. Granted, you only get about 18 servings from the container, but you spend very little to begin with.

Taste and Mixability

Carbo Plus is unflavored and unsweetened. Universal Nutrition envisioned a natural product, and that meant foregoing any artificial sweeteners. The supplement has a flat taste, but it goes down easily. You can use skim milk or juice if you want to lend it some zest.

Given the nature of its ingredients, the product does not mix very easily, and blending is necessary to achieve uniformity. It’s not a deal breaker, as most supplements in this class lack and laudable miscibility properties.


Carbo Plus is meant to give you a fuel source to draw from. It achieves this goal by ensuring that your muscles have a continuous supply of glucose to draw from during intense exercises. This energy boost increases your endurance and performance.

By providing an energy source, Carbo Plus ensures your body does not turn to breaking down muscle protein. This helps preserve your lean muscle mass.

Carbo Plus might not help you put on new muscle weight, but it will shorten your recovery periods. It is recommended that you take it within two hours after leaving the gym so as to replenish your muscle glycogen stores.

Carbo Plus is the supplement for those who want to go hard in the gym. When bulking season comes around, it would be well to consider it as it will help you meet your daily carbohydrate requirements.

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