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Tasty casein protein pegged at a good price

  • The taste was alright. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Slight wee undissolved casein grains floating even after a good shake.
  • If you’re on a budget, this is a good buy.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Tested during my fasting Ramadhan month.

Universal Nutrition Casein Pro

Editor’s Review

Universal Nutrition is a force to reckon with in the supplements industry. The growth of the brand has been fueled by the quality of its products. The expectations placed on its casein offering, Casein Pro, are therefore high. Does it sufficiently meet them?

The Product

Universal Casein Pro is UN’s answer to bodybuilders looking for a slow-releasing protein. Formulated with 100% micellar casein and flavored to appeal to your taste buds, Casein Pro offers you 24g of the protein in its purest form. The compelling trait of the product is its lack of any inferior protein blends. This has been made possible by cutting-edge research that was aimed at ensuring each scoop has the highest quality micellar casein.


Casein Pro is available in 2lb and 4lb containers. The latter can be had for about $47 in most leading stores. This is good value, and it’s actually better than what casein supplements typically retail for. The 2lb container offers you 28 servings- enough to last you through the typical lifting month.


Casein Pro ranks high in taste. Chocolate milkshake, cookies & cream, vanilla soft serve and chocolate peanut butter banana are the flavors available. This last one is available in the 4lb offering only. Casein does not have the best dissolving characteristics, so some residue does sometimes build up. Regardless, the superior taste offsets whatever difficulties you might face in achieving a nice consistency.


Any high quality casein product will support a steady state of anabolism for many hours. Casein Pro makes you feel full for longer, all the while slowly releasing amino acids to the muscles as needed. The product reduces your recovery time, and keeps your muscles nourished for longer periods. When your goal is to maintain or build more muscle, Universal Casein Pro will offer you unparalleled support for both.

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