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A no-frills quality Creatine supplement

  • Very cheap.
  • Really high quality creatine, no stomach issues using this supplement.
  • Need a good shake and blends well when stacking with other supplements.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Creatine

Editor’s Review

For the serious lifter, creatine is one of those must-have supplements. It plays a critical role in increasing and maintaining strength. This makes it possible to push harder in the weight room, which ultimately results in greater muscular gains.

Universal Nutrition offers this important supplement very affordably. Its high quality creatine monohydrate is designed to increase your lean body mass, strength, and increase the rate of muscle recovery after exercise. Universal Nutrition asserts that its offering is more compelling because of the high quality of its manufacturing. This coupled with the fact that its creatine is so pure and fine, makes UN Creatine a supplement that outranks all others.


The product is available in a wide range of packages. The most affordable among this is the 120g container that sells for less than $6.00. For the big spenders, there’s a 1000g tub that costs about $23. Given the high quality of creatine monohydrate used, UN Creatine offers you value that is hard to match.


The supplement is unflavored. This allows you the freedom to constitute it with any beverage of your choice. It pairs well with skim milk, and even when mixed with plain water, it is still somewhat delectable. It does not dissolve as easily, but a nice vigorous shake will ensure you get a nice consistency.


Universal Nutrition Creatine works. The recommended intake is 1tsp (5g) in 14 ounces of beverage. This equals one serving. Most people prefer to use it as a post-workout shake to replenish energy stores that are depleted during exercise. This shortens your recovery time, and ensures you have enough strength to hit your next workout hard.

After taking the product for a month, you should feel its cell volumizing effects. You will notice some gains in muscle mass, as many users have.

The beauty with Universal Nutrition Creatine is that it does not rely on some complex blends. It is just pure creatine monohydrate the way it has always been intended.

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