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Perfect ‘snack’ when you’re craving for chocolate

  • The taste was kinda bland to me. Texture was alright.
  • Maybe it was just me, but every time I consume a sugar-free stuff, my bowel movement is terrible. I suspect it’s one of the ingredients.
  • Made me filled for awhile before my next meal. I bought these during my reservist when meal prep is difficult.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Doctor CarbRite Diet Bars

Editor’s Review

If you are the carb conscious dieter, this product is for you. Good protein bars for weight loss and muscle gain are not always easy to come by. To see if this one is suitable for you, read the review below, which details the way Doctor’s CarbRite differs and how it could be better than other options.

The Product

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Bars by Universal Nutrition, now in sugar-free version, is a protein bar that grants all the benefit of high protein content with only 2.5 g of net impact carbohydrates. This means that one only needs to count these as macronutrients when doing their daily calculations. It is enhanced with glycerine and maltitol, nutrients that are slower to digest and release their energy within a longer time frame. Thus this sweet bar, does not do any harm to the insulin levels.

Flavorful and crunchy, it is made of a unique blend of ingredients that ensure smart nutrition and quality compounds, to be metabolized right in the needed way. If you have a preference for sweet treats, this one will satisfy that craving but also deliver an important protein boost into your diet. This makes the product suitable as a snack before and/or after vigorous workouts, helpful in a regimen of intense training.


You will find these protein-rich snacks in boxes with 12 bars of 2 oz, which means about 57 g each. These packages have prices between $17 and $27, depending on the store and the promo offers.

Taste and Mixability

Universal Nutrition boasts with a Number 1 rating in taste with its protein bar. It’s got a chocolate brownie flavor with simply 0 g of sugars. This is a strong taste that’s obtained without artificial sweeteners though. The vanilla, cocoa butter and milk fat contribute to the effect, with the chocolate liquor content on top of that, for an extra kick.


To start with, the CarbRite diet bar contains no hydrogenated oils. This is already a very good thing. It’s suitable to a low carb diet and helps when you want to cut or slim down. Low carb doesn’t have to mean poor and dull, non-tasty snacks, so it proves just that. The almonds, tree nuts and the peanut flour contribute to the texture and taste. People with various allergies should be careful though, as this product contains several allergens, including soy.

The bar has 190 calories, with 30 of these being from fat. It has some fiber, but not enough to be relied on. What makes it truly diet-friendly are different type of “carbs”, which are responsible for the sweetness in it and which do not alter the blood sugar levels.

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