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Tasty egg protein without the overpowering aftertaste and smell

  • I am surprised by the taste and smell of this egg protein, most such protein smell awful and taste bad
  • You can stack it with other supps with no issue, I did
  • I had good gains on this with no stomach issues

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Universal Nutrition, Egg Pro, Instantized Egg White Powder

Editor’s Review

Universal Nutrition is one of the best-known brands to bodybuilders and all gym enthusiasts because it’s been on the market since 1977. With each supplement it creates, it aims to meet the popular demand and to take every athlete’s performance level one notch higher.

The Product

When it comes to sources of protein, meat is far from being the only reliable option. Still, if you’re not a fan of greens and beans, you should know that eggs can be a great source of adequate nutrition when you’ve just had enough steaks. Egg Pro by Universal Nutrition is an instantized egg white powder delivering 24 g protein per serving. It represents a good way to boost your daily protein intake when weight training takes its toll on you. Also, it is just what your body requires to build bigger, stronger muscles.


You can purchase Egg Pro online – order a quantity of 1 lb (a little under 500 g) for a price starting at SG$25 and going up to SG$37. There are only 14 servings per container, so you either order more or you prepare to make another purchase soon.

Taste and Mixability

Have one scoop (about 30 g) mixed with 8 ounces of liquid, it doesn’t necessarily need to be water. Given the taste, it would work well with milk and even with its vegan alternatives. The powder tastes like vanilla but the flavor isn’t entirely obtained with natural vanilla. Keep in mind that it’s sweetened with sucralose.


Egg Pro by Universal Nutrition is a product simply focused on delivering protein to high training individuals. It could also be suitable for diets where there isn’t enough protein from meals, although there should be. Such diets would help lose fat and build lean muscle. The brand uses instant egg white powder to create a vanilla-flavored drink with only 104 calories per serving that can be had at any time of the day. There are no stimulants in this product and no other notable ingredients – it’s simply made to boost one’s protein intake with a generous amount. There’s only one note to make here: it’s got a high content of sodium (385 mg), 2 g of carbohydrates, which is a negligible amount, and no fats. With a total of 24 g of protein in each scoop, it feeds the muscle tissue with this vital macronutrient. It can be really handy if you’re not eating meat but still allowing animal products such as dairy and eggs. In addition, Egg Pro is very easy to mix and has a truly pleasant taste that isn’t bland and not overpowering. If protein is your main need, then this is a simple, straightforward product to deliver it as needed.

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