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A complete protein energy bar

  • When reservist comes, I will purchase such protein bars.
  • I only eat these as it’s convenient when you’re outfield or on duty, where bringing your meal prep is not possible.
  • The taste was so-so, kinda bland. Excellent nutritional profile.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bar

Editor’s Review

The Universal Nutrition brand is known for producing staple supplements for superior nutrition. Its products, calibrated nutritionally to address specific needs, are especially suitable to bodybuilders and pro athletes. We have an assortment of high protein bars on the market, but few get to have so much attention as this one here.

The Product

The Hi Protein Bar is produced by Universal Nutrition, a company that’s been relying on a series of positive values and ideal concepts when creating supplements for bodybuilders. It’s packing no less than 33 g protein from 4 different sources plus 20 vitamins and minerals. This already makes it sound like a “superfood”! With protein from whey and soy, plus glutamine peptides, consumers can rely on its to ensure the quality nutrients they need, easily delivered to the muscles. The quantity of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K make these bars also have the benefits of multivitamin supplement. An important Biotin and Iron content rounds up the product’s profile, which is rich in Selenium and Copper too. Considering all these, it is one of the richest nutrition bars on the market.


You can buy these convenient snacks in boxes of 16 bars, of 18 g each. These are priced between $33 and $47. Clients may also benefit of volume discount with certain vendors.

Taste and Mixability

Universal Nutrition has perfected it’s protein bar taste. These bars have a buttery coating as well. All in all, the manufacturer has used fully natural flavorings.


The Hi Protein Bar is one of those supplements which help bodybuilders make real progress. It’s compact, quick to consume and so convenient, wherever one may be. Besides, all the protein sources used are of great quality, so it’s not unnecessarily filled. Let’s have a look at the numbers: 33 g of protein, while you get only 3g of carbohydrates. Besides, there are 6 g of fat, 226 mg of sodium, 285 mg of potassium, with 296 calories per bar. You may compare this profile with your daily intake recommendations. In any case, it’s sure to be of great help to many. This is ideal for athletes with busy schedules, for those who don’t always have the time to cook at home and for those committed to daily gym sessions.

The protein bar is best consumed after workouts but can be eaten prior to training, too. Just make sure you’re giving it enough time for digestion. Considering the taste and the nutritional profile, it’s got all the chance to become your favorite protein bar in no time.

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