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A great tasting whey protein with high quality nutritional profile

  • Ideal meal replacement alternative.
  • Doesn’t mix well with milk I tested.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Proton 7

Editor’s Review

A good protein supplement is a critical part of any fitness program. It ensures that your muscles always have a constant supply to draw from during protein synthesis and other processes. Universal Proton 7 is a comprehensive protein powder that delivers all the amino acids you need to build muscle.

Formulated with a blend of seven different slow and sustained release proteins, Proton 7 uses only the purest forms of protein such as micellar casein, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate.

Being one of Universal’s newer protein offerings, Proton 7 is built around an advanced formula to give optimum results. Any amateur or professional bodybuilder will be glad to discover how the supplement contains just enough oomph to continually deliver results.

Taste and Mixability

One of the renowned properties of Universal Proton 7 is its great taste. It has a rich chocolaty taste, and lights up the tastebuds with just enough flavor. The same has been said of the Cookies and Cream flavor, as well as the Vanilla Milkshake. While the taste is somewhat subtle, it has a hint of sweetness that is not overly so. The longer you take it, the better it tastes.

Protein supplements are not known for their easy miscibility. The bar is therefore not placed very high. Proton 7 however, exceeds all expectations by mixing quickly, evenly, and without leaving any clumps. A few vigorous shakes are all that are needed to achieve consistency


Proton 7 is inexpensive, considering how big a package you get. Available in 2.5lb and 5lb tubs, the latter costing no more than $50, the supplement will stay with you for many weeks before being depleted.


With a protein powder, the expectations are very straightforward. Proton 7 is efficient, with its protein blend proving to be sufficient in lending the body new muscle building capabilities. If the meal plan is judicious and the workouts intense, the product will help you add more pounds of muscle to your frame within a few weeks.

Suffice it to say that Proton 7 is a very high quality protein blend with the full protein spectrum you need to really build muscle. With the added grams of fiber and essential fatty acids, you get a very elaborate supplement that is very easy on the palate. Universal’s 35 years in the business has credited them with an ability to develop very sophisticated products. Proton 7 is emblematic of this ability and that’s why it’s recommended.

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