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Kickass pre-workout that promises the pump

  • One of the few pre-workout that’s able to give me that tingly feeling.
  • Didn’t really feel vascular and the pump was so-so for me.
  • Mixes well, it’s great they have an assortment of unique flavors.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Shock Therapy

Editor’s Review

A good pre-workout is hard to find. The abundance of options in the market notwithstanding, only few brands have been able to formulate a blend that really provides that full pre-workout pump. With its formula having been bettered to improve all its properties, Universal Nutrition’s Shock Therapy is a complete pre-workout guaranteed to add life and zeal to your training sessions.

Shock Therapy combines performance compounds with energy substrates, creatine complex, antioxidants and cell volumizers in a great-tasting blend that will take your workouts to previously uncharted territory.

Taste and Mixability

Universal has done a good job in creating playful flavors for this pre-workout. Available in Clyde’s Hard Lemonade, Grape Ape and Hawaiian Pump, Shock Therapy is wholly delectable. The flavor is not overabundant, and overall, the supplement goes down easy.

The pre-workout dissolves well in whatever liquid you choose to mix it with. 10 oz. of water is the recommended amount for dissolving one serving. A vigorous shake is all that is needed to achieve a consistent solution.


Available in 1.85lb and 200g tub, Shock Therapy gives good return for your money. Depending on where you shop, you might get the bigger tub for a discounted price that is as little as $30. The value extends to the number of servings you get. While it says 50 servings on the label, you do get just a tad more scoops. The additional servings are appreciated by all those who have used the supplement.


The bar is set really high for pre-workout. Most lifters expect them to provide an unquenchable pump that will have them lifting beyond their usual limits. Shock Therapy in its part does not disappoint. The promised vascularity and increased strength are delivered. It does increase focus, however trivially and will, in summation, help you get more from your workout.

It does contain caffeine, so taking it a few hours before bed is ill-advised as it might forestall your sleep. On a plus side, it does have creatine complexes, making any other creatine supplement you may have redundant.

The recommended intake is 1 scoop per day, ideally, 30 minutes before training. Even the seasoned lifter needs to start with this amount to gauge their tolerance levels. Otherwise, the serving can be increased to 1.5 and 2 scoops, depending on body weight.

Shock Therapy is an ideal preworkout for beginners. If you feel you are not pushing hard enough in your sessions, this will be the tonic you need to go further.

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