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Dose yourself with this creatine blend supplement

  • The taste I won’t say it’s a delight. So-so.
  • You really need a hard shake to dissolve the last remaining grainy parts of the supplements.
  • Slight positive effect on my training. After awhile the supp gets hard and this makes it difficult to scoop it from the container. I had to dig-in and press hard to get a serving.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Storm

Editor’s Review

Getting bigger can be tricky and thus it’s vital to identify the right supplements to help with this bodybuilding goal. Volumizing supplements are all the rage nowadays, but don’t let shady brands fool you. The goal is to add weight and no fat. This is why we have to talk about Universal Nutrition’s Storm volume boosting powder.

The Product

Storm, the Cell Volumizing Creatine Formula, is a popular product from Universal Nutrition. It is a revolutionary creatine mixture to pump up the muscles by acting on every cell in the tissue. Also, it can provide more energy for the gym. The novelty in it is the patented Hypervol Complex (5000 mg of this in every serving), containing four different types of Creatine compounds with no carbs and no sugar in it. Moreover, it is caffeine-free and therefore suitable to those who can’t have this in their diets. Universal Nutrition created a formula with excellent delivery for effective muscle saturation. At the same time, it identified and blended exactly those forms of creatine which work best. Besides, you get a solid amount of L-Taurine, Beta-Alanine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Arginine, Betaine and more.


Storm containers are priced between $33 and $45 and have 80 servings. One serving a day should be enough for anyone. Note that one scoop has about 9 grams.

Taste and Mixability

Storm is available with the Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry and Grape Splash flavors. Each of these relies on both natural and synthetic flavors for a full taste. Universal Nutrition used sucralose as sweetener. Overall, the distinct creatine taste is well covered, yet it isn’t overpowering as one might expect. In addition, the fenugreek extract may play a role in shaping up and refining the taste of the drink.


Storm will power up your gym workouts and make you more apt to undertake the hard lifting tasks. Most such supplements only rely on mono creatine, so this is a superior form that you can enjoy for a decent price. It is used in obtaining a bigger frame with every lifting workout. The greatest advantage is that this does not load on fat but works right on the muscles, boosting the fiber volume. Many users have reported effects just like those triggered by caffeine-based products (better concentration, stamina, enthusiasm at the gym etc.). The energy here comes only from the nutrients in it, as there is no caffeine within.

Storm led to better lifts and gains even for those who only used it as a post-workout drink to benefit of its effect during the recovery times. It is possible to split a serving and take half of it prior to exercising, consuming the rest when you’re done. Nevertheless, it is most useful when consumed with consistency prior to a competition.

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