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Ideal post-workout shake without the fillers

  • You’re paying for what is promised, this product delivers.
  • The taste is kinda ‘light’ on my tastebud. You might want to add milk or stack it with other supps.
  • Suitable for people who has a sensitive stomach. No issues for me and my bowel.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Ultra Iso Whey

Editor’s Review

It is universally agreed that whey protein is the must-have supplement if you are serious about your lifting. It contains the most comprehensive amino acid profile and is the ideal protein source to grow and maintain your lean muscle- its rapid digestion properties notwithstanding. Of course, not all whey proteins are made equal. Whey protein isolates are thought to have a better profile than whey protein concentrates which often have more fats and carbs.

Ultra Iso Whey

This is Universal Nutrition’s answer to the athletes that desire only the highest quality whey. Devoid of any fillers, binders and thickeners, this offering from Universal Nutrition is as pure as pure gets. It is designed to preserve all those desirable biological fractions found in whey such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. This is the characteristic that makes Ultra Iso Whey one of the best whey protein sources currently available.

Value of Universal Nutrition Ultra Iso Whey

The 2lb container will set you back about $35, or less. That is a total of 36 servings as one serving is about 25 grams. This is good value for a protein product, especially one of such good quality.

Taste and mixability

Unlike other protein offerings, whey is renowned for its solubility. It mixes so easily that you only need to stir with a spoon to achieve that uniform mix. No residues or clumps form whatsoever. Flavors include chocolate shake, lemonade chiller, tropical punch and vanilla shake. The chocolate shake is the crowd favorite, but each of the others is as delectable.


Ultra Iso Whey works as well as you would expect of a supplement of this kind. It makes a good pre and post-workout shake, as it delivers amino acids to your muscles in a timely manner. With a good workout program, this whey product will help you preserve your lean muscle tone, and even help you add on a pound or two if you take three servings a day.

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