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If you are cutting or dieting, this is the whey isolate supplement for you

  • Mixing isn’t that great
  • I love the taste, very texture like
  • I maintained my weight when I was on this, which achieved my goal

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

USN Cutting Edge Series Diet Whey Isolate Low Carb

Editor’s Review

What would it be like if your whey protein powder could do more than supplement your protein intake? Looks like USN is one of those brands that thought about other aspects and came up with an improved, enriched formulation; whey isolate is an advanced form of whey extract, with an emphasis on purity and concentration.

The Product

USN created Diet Whey Isolate with demanding weightlifters in mind. It meets their protein needs as well as their efforts to avoid carbs and anything that may fatten them instead of generating lean mass. With only 1 g of sugar in each serving, the powder offers a stunning 20 g of protein; the product relies on Tolerase-L and L-Carnitine to deliver superior results in comparison to regular whey isolate powders. In addition, it contains Vitamin B6, B12, C and D, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc, plus fat melting extracts (garcinia cambogia, green tea). Furthermore, the formula is enriched with a form of lactase – an enzyme that helps the lactose intolerant having a better digestion. Therefore, if lactose was difficult on your system, it can all be a lot more manageable now, from now on.


For a total of 25 servings (700 g or 1.59 lbs), you will normally pay about SG$77, but the price can be as low as SG$42 when stores operate discounts. The USN advanced protein powder comes in white plastic jars.

Taste and Mixability

Use the powder to make a flavored drink. The product is both naturally and artificially flavored. It’s easy to prepare a drink. Have one scoop with a glass of water (max. 300 ml). You should use cold water to mix it.


Diet Whey Isolate will not only help you put on mass but also maintain the lean muscle you have gained so far. The vitamin and mineral mix will improve your metabolism and thus help your body produce the constant energy it needs. At the same time, this formulation will improve digestion and gastrointestinal health, so that you will assimilate better all the food and supplements you’re probably ingesting to achieve that volume that you desire. Thanks to the B12 Vitamin, your body will also have superior endurance and you will experience less tiredness. The green tea extract supports a quick metabolism and good energy production, helping you manage your weight more effectively.

Zinc supplementation is also welcome, as it ensures adequate cell protection against oxidative stress, thus acting as a powerful antioxidant. USN’s formulation can cover more than 50% of the daily recommended zinc intake, as per current estimations.

The verdict

The supplement is suitable for men and women alike and should be used as a snack/supplement, not as a meal replacement.

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