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Got a Nutella craving but on a diet? Try this protein supplement

  • The taste is rather thick and really sweet. Dilute it more.
  • No mixing issue but it looks rather nasty, like puke LOL. So stack it with milk or other juice.
  • Felt refresh after consuming it the next day, ready to lift heavy ass weight.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

USN Ultra-Premium 1-Whey Pure-100 Hydrolysate

Editor’s Review

If you need quick protein absorption to cover your training and post-training needs, you should be searching for a special supplement, with a high degree of purity and efficiency. The secret is in the quality of the protein, as well as in the engineering. Let’s have a look at USN’s innovation for hard training athletes.

The Product

The USN Core series supplement called Ultra-Premium 1-Whey Pure-100 Hydrolysate is as sophisticated as the name suggests. However, the idea behind it is simple: it represents a blend of amino acids based on research, engineered for rapid assimilation. Consumers get 26 g protein in each serving. The main aspect of the supplement is the optimized protein absorption.

This powder, mixed with liquid, ensures more strength day by day, as well as recovery power after intense effort. The novelty doesn’t only lie in the technology employed, but also in the flavor as well. With its main ingredient coming from whey, you have a high-quality supplement for muscle building.


The USN protein supplement costs more than $47 but stores operating discounts will sell it for about $30. This is the price for 1.6 lbs or the equivalent of 726 g. You get 21 servings in one container.

Taste and Mixability

The product I’m reviewing is “Wheytella Chocolate Hazelnut” flavor. The title may sound special and the taste is indeed so. Note, however, that is obtained through both natural and artificial ingredients. Use one scoop and blend it in a glass of water, milk, juice or other suitable beverage. Mix until every bit is dissolved. You may use more or less liquid, depending on the consistency that you like.


As a Premium level supplement for muscle gain, it is suitable for the hard working weight lifters and enabling them to resume their training as soon as possible. Its great bio-availability indicates that the amino acids in it are quickly absorbed and used within the muscle tissue.

Taking this powder regularly prevents protein breakdown that occurs during exercise and thus preserves your muscles, also helping them grow bigger. You get 1 g of sugar per serving so it is not much of a concern. The fat content is also of 1 g. If the flavor doesn’t suit your taste, you may try another one from the quite extensive range created for this product: vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate or cookies and cream.

One serving contains almost 6 g of BCAAs, the amino acids that act deeply within the muscles and improve the recovery and growth processes. This is the kind of protein that will help you get the muscle volume and definition you want, without compromising anything – you won’t be getting fat or experience any such unwanted effects of protein supplementation.

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