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Proven intra-workout BCAA that will help in your recovery and helps you keep anabolic.

  • Will assist in your recovery time
  • If you want your muscle to hurt less after a workout, you need this. You can never get enough of BCAA.
  • Effectiveness of this product would translate into a good pump in the gym.
  • Tolerable taste, if USPlabs worked on this, I’ll upgrade this review to 5 star!
  • The powder doesn’t quite dissolve well and clumps floats on top of your shaker. The trick is using H2O that’s not too cold.
  • There’s not many BCAA supplement out there that is intra-workout.
  • First impression, well opening the small tub the whiff smell of it was just kinda strong. But after awhile you will get used to it.
  • The taste is kinda so-so, a tad too sweet for my liking and it has a medicinal tang to it.
  • Plain and simple BCAA that helps with lessening of muscle soreness.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Drop in muscle mass and weight due to the Ramadhan fasting month.

USPlabs Modern BCAA

Editor’s Review

The search for the ideal BCAA supplement ends with USPlabs Modern BCAA. This ultra micronized amino acid supplement is produced in an 8:1:1 BCAA ration. With a pleasing ingredient profile devoid of fillers, the product comes with added amino acids glycine, taurine, lysine and alanine. Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the skeletal muscle and its abundance ensures performance and muscle function are at an optimum level. Alanine and glycine is quickly depleted during exercise, and timely provision is necessary to prevent a catabolic state.

At a Glance

The mixability of USPlabs Modern BCAA is not great, but it’s good enough. Adding one serving in 20 ounces of water requires a vigorous shake for complete miscibility. This is usually the standard in any supplements with an abundance of amino acids. The taste is classic BCAA, but it is delectable.

The supplement also works better than other BCAAs in the market. With your exercise routines and diet staying constant, Modern BCAA helps with the alleviation of delayed onset muscle soreness, indicating improved recovery is one of its benefits. If taken during workout (which is actually the recommended), fatigue levels are reduced too.

If you take carbohydrates around your workout time, Modern BCAA is especially good, as it allows you to exploit the anabolic effects of insulin on skeletal muscle. It helps the body maximize these effects while at the same time minimizing the undesired lipogenic effects of the hormone that lead to fat gain. In other words, supplementing with USPlabs Modern BCAAs allows you to stock up on carbohydrates before and after your workouts, without this intake resulting in fat gain.

Modern BCAAs is among the better BCAAs offerings presently available. It is recommended that you sip the shake throughout your workout, and after, for maximum gains. 2 scoops should equal to one serving.

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