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Pill popping muscle gaining solution.

  • I put on some size in a month!
  • Indeed I saw muscles become thicker when I’m on this cycle.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

USPLabs Prime

Editor’s Review

The quest for thick dense muscles is one that is shared by many bodybuilders. The most intensive efforts in the gym might rewards with gains in strength and size, but those results are sometimes not as apparent as we would like them to be. USPLabs addresses this shared concern with Prime.

Deemed as the ultimate muscle pill, USPLabs Prime is advertised as the strength developer with no equal. It is a bold assumption to make, but one that the supplement tries hard to live up to.

Potent Mass Builder

USPLabs has carved out a name for itself among supplement brands. With its products enjoying such enviable popularity among athletes and recreational bodybuilders alike, any supplement marketed by the brand is worthy of consideration.

The USPLabs might be intrepid with its claim, but many users have seconded its allegations. When the company set out to formulate this supplement, the goal was to develop a natural, muscle building supplement that continually promotes the building of thick, dense muscle. It was a formulation that was realized in Prime, and so far, many people have been satisfied with it.

Available in a tub of 150 capsules, the supplement is aggressively priced and well packed. The recommendation is that you take three capsules, twice a day with meals.

A Dynamic Supplement

USPLabs Prime is truly dynamic. With a clean meal plan and intensive workout program to boot, users have asserted that Prime has made their muscle gains more apparent. As a nutrient partitioning agent, USPLabs prime ensures your muscles are timely supplied with the macronutrients they need to repair, recover and become fuller.

The product is formulated to offer lean muscle mass support, as well as catalyze your gains in strength so you can be able to push harder in the weight room. True to this affirmation, many users have positively reported the working of the supplement. It does promise a dramatic and permanent alteration in your physique. This can only be achieved if you play your part, because there is only so much the supplement can do.

100% natural without any pro-hormones or other artificial additives, USPLabs Prime is touted to be the ideal mass building agent that will help you overcome your physique limits.

If you are faithful to USPLabs, you will find this particular offering very compelling. It is hard to verify all the statements made concerning the product, but it has assembled quite a following. And that is saying something about its efficiency.

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