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Maximize performance with this comfortable lifting belt

  • Takes awhile to ‘soften’ and break into the belt. It will be stiff for the next few weeks.
  • I can easily fasten the belt unlike some belt which is cumbersome.
  • The stitching and belt quality is good.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Valeo Leather Lifting Belt VRL6 6 Inches

Editor’s Review

When heavy lifting calls for all the strength you can muster, it’s time to reach for support equipment. Risky movements combined with very big loads can lead to injury if you’re not well prepared. A sturdy belt will provide support when performing squats and deadlifts – two exercises that can put huge pressure onto your lower back.

The Product

The Leather Lifting Belt VRL6 by Valeo is a top quality black, sturdy belt with double stitched edges. It’s got a thickness of ¼ inch and a double prong roller buckle that keeps it secure in place and makes it reliable. It’s a classic system which serves its purpose just right, that’s also provided with two loops to hold the belt in place. The belt comes in 4 distinct sizes: S, M, L and XL. This 6-inch wide padded leather belt can be purchased solely based on waist size, as height or weight is irrelevant.


The Valeo cowhide leather belt is priced at SG$35 and can be ordered online.


This is a very stiff belt that will support your back when other belts fail. It will keep your spine aligned as you engage in difficult training and in consequence you’ll feel less pressure on your lower back. The model is obviously superior to velcro belts, as these fail to offer the same heightened protection.

Such lifting belt will provide adequate support to your core when you lift really heavy weights. As you can finally make the most of your exercises, you can reap benefits like never before: see your strength grow at an increased pace and your muscles pumping up. It will help you take up exercises you couldn’t have tried before, out of fear that your core wasn’t stable enough. Both the back and the front of the belt are wide enough to support you all around.

The lumbar region will benefit of a foam pad that works as a cushion. The foam is covered in suede. The double stitch ensures that the edges remain in a good condition for a long time and that the layers stay together. The roller buckle closure is tight and secure. Before you purchase, make sure you know the size that fits your measurements. Note that you’re not supposed to buy one that is too tight – you need to be able to perform all kinds of exercises while wearing the belt. It’s never supposed to limit your mobility. When the size is just right, you are able to perform deep squats without a problem.

You may clean the belt with a damp and clean cloth and even use a mild detergent if you feel it needs it. Never use bleach on it.

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