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Adjustable dipping belt to helps build power and strength

  • The material felt flimsy to me, especially the chains. It has more of a plastic feel to it than metal.
  • I just there was more length to the chain. Once I strap it to a dumbbell or weight plate, there’s no slack.
  • The back cushion was alright. So was the leather.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

VELO Leather Dipping Belt Weight Dip Lifting Chain

Editor’s Review

Weight belts are in the same category with weight vests: fitness accessories which help you train with added free weights, thus enhancing the difficulty of each exercise and boosting your results. The VELO belt reviewed may just prove to be the item you need for your gym days.

The Product

The high performance VELO leather belt sold by ZAHBRO Sports measures 7.5 inches and is a 100% Cowhide leather gym accessory meant to be used with added weights. This is a Dipp Belt model with a comfortable design; you can add weights to it to train your core effectively. It is a gym belt – a heavy weight one more precisely, easy to adjust to any body size. Thus, it comes in one size only. The belt is made of Buffalo leather on the outside and suede on the inside. It is provided with a metal chain which can be adjusted to suit anyone’s needs. The snap-on clip makes it very easy to attach a weight or more. There are two color options with it – it comes in either black or a nice camel brown, with the logo inscribed on both sides and enhanced by white stitching.


The belt comes with a good price to quality rapport. In S$ it costs about 34. When you order this item online, prepare for paying the shipping costs as well.


The UK-based ZAHBRO Sports has been designing fitness products and other sports accessories since 1999 and has reached a high standard in quality since then. This is a heavy weight belt that has passed thorough testing and it was concluded that it is a highly resistant piece. It’s a training accessory that can prove of a great importance as you advance in your bodybuilding efforts. The belt is efficient if you want more muscle volume and strength added to your chest area, but also to your arms. It is made of Buffalo leather, which is highly resistant and tough.

Do not be discouraged by the “one size only” – you may adjust the metal chain as you please. This item is an ideal addition for chinning exercises or pull ups and especially for dipping. You can use it with dumbbells or free weights. It supports and protects the lower back. Never go for more than you can handle for the moment though – don’t be tempted to load it with too many extra weights. Do this progressively and you won’t risk overtraining or injuring yourself.

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