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Sturdy lever belt to secure your heavy lifting

  • It takes time to break into this belt. Might be painful the first few lifting sessions when you’re using it.
  • It took me an effort to put on this belt every single time.
  • The quality of the leather is good.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

VELO Power Weight Lifting Leather Lever Belt

Editor’s Review

A power belt in itself will give the muscles something to contract against, which yields better results. The internal pressure is increased – especially in the abdominal area, leading to a strengthening of the core. If you want the best for you, opt for a leather VELO piece.

The Product

The VELO Power Weight Lifting Leather Lever Belt made by ZAHBRO Sports is part of a professional level range of belts for power lifting, with advanced lever closure. It is 100% leather and comes in sizes from M to XXL. With time, these get to match one’s body shape with greater precision and thus provide a firm support. The belt is only available in a light tan color and with the VELO logo attached to it. You’ll have a 4 inches wide belt, with a thickness of 10 mm and sturdy moving parts that don’t break easily. Considering the thickness, this model is suitable to a wide range of individuals, including small women. The larger people or the pro athletes should opt for a 13-inch strap.


VELO belts are manufactured in the UK and can be ordered on the web for a price of £30.99 or S$60.


The weight lifting belts produced by ZAHBRO Sports under the VELO brand are known for their endurance and comfort. This is a power lifting belt created for gym training and is meant to provide support during intense exercise. It is what pro lifters usually wear. The heaviest lifts can now have adequate support, thus getting to boost one’s efforts and results. The belt can be closed and loosened in less than a second and the move required is quite simple. As a lever belt, it relies on a simple lever system so it can lock and flip open.

Although these belts are rather thick, they are still comfortable to wear while lifting. A good piece of advice is to wear a velcro model underneath. Do not worry if it does not fit or feel perfect at first; with time, it becomes adjusted and you will like it better.

Beginners should use power lifting belts too. They may count on this model, as it is one of the reliable and durable ones. Besides, leather behaves differently than velcro does. The real support always comes from a leather strap, as shown by seasoned weightlifters. In addition, it helps one manage to lift more and more weight.

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