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Get your Sunshine Vitamins in a bottle

  • The taste was alright, nothing that will gag you
  • Felt no different when I was on this, it might have its effects, who knows
  • Very affordable, just buy it as a means to have a peace of mind that your D3 is covered

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

VitaFusion Extra Strength D3 Bone & Immune Support 3000 IU

Editor’s Review

The human body is subjected to a lot of abuse, in terms of stress we subject it to, along with the unearthly working and sleeping hours, junk food diet and lack of physical activity. The hectic schedules do not allow for much time to be spent planning and cooking a balanced, nutritious meal. The body is thus devoid of vital vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D. The bone health is adversely affected by all of this. However, the solution is present in the form of supplements which can provide the body of the deficit essential elements.

The Product

VitaFusion Extra Strength D3 Bone & Immune Support 3000 is a nutritional supplement source for Vitamin D. This supplement is unlike the usual pills as it is in the form of gummies. Plus, these gummies have the natural flavours of strawberry, thus making nutrition taste delicious. Taking 2 of these gummies provides the desired ‘sunshine vitamin’ along with strong support for teeth. These gummies are free of gluten as well as high fructose corn syrup and also are manufactured using standard lab quality and potency criteria. The main ingredient is high potency Vitamin D, while the other ingredients include sucrose, tapioca syrup, gelatin and water, along with a less than 2 per cent of citric acid, malic acid, canola lecithin, purple carrot juice concentrate for colour, fractionated coconut oil, which contains either carnauba wax or beeswax, pectin, sodium citrate, medium chain triglycerides.


A 3000 IU bottle of VitaFusion, Extra Strength D3, Bone & Immune Support, Natural Strawberry contains 120 gummies and costs $10.38.

Taste and Directions

The strawberry flavour gives the supplement an enjoyable taste. The recommended dosage for the dietary supplements for adults is 2 gummies to be had in a day, which should be chewed completely before swallowing them. These supplements contain tree nuts (coconut) and must be avoided by those who are allergic. Additionally, they are processed at facilities where they come in contact with products containing eggs, shellfish, soy and fish.


Bone health along with the strength of teeth improves considerably by consuming these vitamin D dietary supplements. Available in chewable gummies form, with delightful flavours of strawberry, make these supplements a ‘good tasting’ nutrition option. Insufficient exposure to the sun and low levels of Vitamin D, found in the rising number of individuals make these dietary supplements a must for stronger bone health.

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