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Cheap electronic kitchen scale to aid in your macros goals

  • Simple to use, no referral to manual needed.
  • Very light and mobile, I wouldn’t recommend dropping it though, made of plastic.
  • Accurate reading, really helpful when I trying to hit my macros during my cutting.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

WH-B Series Electronic Kitchen Scale

Editor’s Review

The WH-B Series digital kitchen food scale is designed to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. Part of maintaining a healthy weight is getting your food rations right. While measurements like ‘handful’ or ‘quarter-cup’ are routinely used in describing quantities, they fail to capture the precise amounts. They are inherently biased and flawed because they fail to make exact numerical representations.

The Product

The WH-B series electronic kitchen scale will take the hustle out of all measuring different weights in the kitchen. With its simple yet functional design, this digital scale will fit right into your kitchen. It is built from durable plastic and has a timeless round shape. At less than 0.6lbs, it is easy to move around, and store away when you have no use for it. It is Chinese-built, so the promise of longevity is naturally guaranteed.

The display window is large, and the numbers are easy to read. It is uncomplicated, with only two buttons available to toggle it on and off. The measuring plate is large, so it will accommodate any item that does not exceed its capacity.

As a kitchen scale, it has a wide range of uses. It measures items from 1g to a maximum of 5kg. This should cover any and all type of food products and ingredients that need to be measured. So from your flour to your cuts of meat, the WH-B series digital kitchen scale will have you covered. Being a numerical scale, it offers you greater numerical precision down to the last gram.

The scale is inexpensive too, retailing for less than $12 in most stores. Its plastic build does not undermine its ability to endure. The construction feels sturdy and this implies that it will stay with you in working condition for as long as you need it to.

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