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Store all your pre and post workout supplements with this shaker bottle

  • Leak proof
  • Large storage container
  • Quality mixer and material

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Whey Protein Shaker Blender with 3 Layers Multifunction 500ml BPA-Free Bottle

Editor’s Review

It’s great to have a shaker cup that isn’t meant only for home use. The key is finding one with a design which allows it to be carried everywhere, compact and handy. You don’t need to look far for this.

The Product

The multifunctional Bottle is made for indoor and outdoor use, being suitable to gym goers, as well as to runners, mountain climbers, cyclists etc.  It is made of BPA-free PP type plastic in three layers, thus being safe for liquid storing. The bottle has several detachable parts and was designed for adult use and is provided with a lid to prevent the contents from spilling. The mouth of the bottle is round and the capacity is of 500 ml, given that you leave enough room for mixing. The model can be used not only for storing liquids, but also for blending or shaking protein mixtures, smoothies, vitamin sports drinks and so on. Customers can choose between two versions – the full black bottle or the black and white combination.


With most vendors, the multipurpose shaker/mixing bottle is priced $15. It is actually pretty cheap for what it does.


The protein blender can cover so many needs – from storing your readily made liquids to helping you prepare every shake that you require. It has an exterior gradation that is somewhat helpful but cannot guarantee great precision, since the plastic is opaque and you can’t know for sure where 300 or 400 ml would be when looking on the inside. You can approximate it, however. Also, the inscription shows the quantity in fl. oz., which is helpful to individuals who don’t do their math in milliliters. The top line of the gradation shows 500 ml, but the shaker can hold a maximum of 600 ml if you fill it up. This isn’t recommended when you need to mix powder though, because that will require you to leave some room.

The lid is provided with a clasp that keeps it tightly closed and never leaks. It’s easy to put it on and off and to keep it secure in place. The body of the cup is made of 3 parts, indicating where to put the protein powder for shakes and where to put the vitamins. It is thus a helpful mixer cup – you put the protein powder in the lower part and the mid section is for capsules and similar products. Whenever you don’t need these, just leave them at home. Simply detach the mentioned parts and then use the cup alone. You can even use warm water with this type of plastic.  The whole package weighs about 200 g.

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