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Multi-usage stretch tube to aid in your fitness quest

  • It has a flimsy feel to it. But so far during the review week, it works fine even at the most extreme ‘abuse’ by me.
  • It’s not really for building muscle, nor an effective core tool like TRX. It covers the basic.
  • Great for stretches and yoga in my opinion. I used the stretch extensively for those.

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

Zanfit Elite Stretch Tube Heavy Resistance

Editor’s Review

Strength training takes many forms. The most popular is the use of free weights. These are easily adjustable to suit the fitness level of each individual, and can be employed in a wide range of movements to target different muscle groups. But they do have their shortcomings. As they are entirely dependent on gravity for the creation of resistance, there is one part of the movement that is free of it; The Elite Stretch Tube suffers no such limitation.

The Elite Stretch Tube – the product

This intuitively designed stretch tube offers uniform resistance to ensure you get the most of your workout. The grips are designed to sit firmly in the hand, with the rubberized material allowing you to get a steady, confident grip. The tension of the stretch tube is suitably calibrated to be easy to work with, while still being able to provide enough resistance to recruit different muscle fibers. It is available in different sizes and colors too.

What makes the Elite Stretch Tube ideal for exercise is its constant tension that allows any resistance movement you use it with to be uniformed. This characteristic allows it to recruit the muscle during the entire range of the movement. It helps improve your coordination and balance, as well as increase your strength.

The number of ways you can use the stretch tube is virtually inexhaustible and limited by only your imagination. There are many stretch tube exercises explained and illustrated online if you are looking for a place to start. They touch on each of the muscle groups in the body, implying that you can use the stretch tubes to get a full body workout. It affords you the freedom of leaving the gym room since you can use it at home. All you need is a little space, and a comfortable mat to sit, stand and lie on.

The Elite Stretch Tube can be used by both men and women in fitness. It is especially ideal for those who do yoga as it assists in different body stretches that boost flexibility. It can be used by weight lifters too at the end of their workout to stretch their muscles and stimulate faster recovery.

You can find the Elite Stretch Tube easily as it is widely sold online. It is inexpensive to purchase, and the materials used in creating it guarantee longevity. It is the solid investment for someone who is serious about their fitness plans.

The resistance offered by the Elite Stretch tube is only effective if you know how to use it right. Like every other fitness tool, you need to know proper form to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself.

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