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For those with weak wrist, this ZANFIT wrist wrap gloves is what you need.

  • Reinforced velcro provide a good fit and better wrist support.
  • Comfortable closure system.
  • Ample ventilation.
  • Padded yes but I still felt slight discomfort when handling/lifting really heavy.
  • Some of the stitching for my glove already unraveling. Wear & tear of prolong usage I guess.
  • I like the leather. The sweat just trickle off it when I wipe the sweat off my forehead or body.
  • Comfort was never an issue with this glove until I really get into my 1RM range.
  • The padding could be slightly thicker & better but overall for general use, this glove is up to task.
  • After 6 months of using it, my glove is still feeling and looking like new.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks and still on-going

ZANFIT Power Glove ZenLite

Editor’s Review

A good grip is critical if you are devout to weight lifting. A deadlift cannot be executed in the same way if the weight sits uncomfortably in your closed palms. Sometimes, it is not the strength of the grip that lacks, but rather, the pressing of the weight against the palms that is most discomforting.

ZANFIT Power Glove ZenLite is meant to provide a solution to those lifters suffering the aforementioned difficulties. Providing a snuggly fit, the gloves are made from a durable and comfortable leather palms that are foam-padded. An elastic strap with velcro closure ensures the fit is tight.


  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Intuitive closure system
  • Adequate ventilation

Lifting gloves are must have accessories for everyone who takes their fitness seriously. If you are a bodybuilder, whether recreational or professional, your sessions can be more intense if your palms are protected.

The leather used in Zanfit’s Power Gloves is likeable. It has a tough feel to it, promising to be in service for a long time. The stitching is not the strongest, but it will hold the gloves together until the time to replace them comes.

The padding is not very thick, but it is practical. It is good enough to handle your routine sessions in the gym. If you regularly hit your 1 rep max, you will wish for a thicker pad. Then again, it’s just one rep. Any pad deficiencies are perhaps offset by the wrist protection that the pad offers. The reinforced velcro ensures your wrists are supported regardless of the weight you are dealing with.

The gloves have longevity written all over them. After months of consistent use, they still look as new. They provide a good return on investment more so with the muscle gains that they help you make.

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